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Profile of Band Spider from Malaysia

Spider Group is a group of Malaysian music. They bring rock oriented songs with ska influences. Spider Established in 1996, at which time they consist of three young men from Johor, Tam, Tony and Denies. Their talents sharpened by famous composers Sifu M. Nasir under Luncai record company Gold Limited.


Their first album released in 1999 titled Ngam Ho and successfully introduced the song hits "Could happen". Aladin appeared in 2002 and the album sold more than 60,000 units through the hit songs of Aladin, Stay, Love Latifah, Only You and Simply Salted Laukku. In 2004, an album titled Nazraku Nazraku who introduced the hit song, Love Gods and Relaku Persuade. The album won Best Album at the AIM 12, not enough to the spider has won Champion Award 2004 song by song Relaku Persuade. In 2007, the album Star publishes Spider 12. The album has received many other praised the media for their kretiviti through the hit song, Drunk, Salut, Anti Gravity and When To Witness. The album was also nominated by the Best Rock Album category at the AIM 15.

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