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6ixth Sense: A Band Combination of Indonesian and Malaysian

6ixth Sense an upbeat guitar group consisting of five of young Malaysia and Indonesia which has been very active in the art archipelago since 2005. This group is also known as Tirta of Indonesia. It was founded by brothers Wahab, A & R from Universal Music. Since launching his first album in 2006, the group has managed to sell over 100,000 units of physical albums and over 2 million Digital Downloads through 4 of their studio albums. This group is deemed to be the best artist with album sales in the ASEAN region in the late 2000s and early 2010an. They have won the trophy at the Music Industry Awards and Popular Star Award in the Daily News in 2010.


Sense 6ixth group of five young men Azizi Mohd Faiz (Gjie) as the lead guitarist, Safwan Hasnan (Wan) as drummer, Muhd ​​Azmi (Air Bone) as the second guitarist (who was later replaced by Athan), Mohd Fairuz (Ayoy) as the bass player and Priyo Sambodo Adi (Adi) as vocalist. 6ixth Sense is the first band with musicians combination Malaysia and Indonesia.

This group called themselves "The Sixth Sense" as able to use the senses to understand the manifold as well as creating music. Sense 6ixth confident of competing with any of the bands at the moment. Looking at their performance, it is evident they can have an impact on the development of country music.

The pemainat 6ixth common sense calls the lovers 6ixth

They start an art career as a band who play at weddings. Having gained a place in the hearts of fans, 6ixth Sense was approached to be recording artist in 2005 even when the local music industry diuliti with various problems such as piracy and the entry of foreign artists that much.

In the early years, one of the musicians from Indonesia has proposed the name of Indonesian youth, Adi Priyo Sambodo that the manager 6ixth Sense, Mujahid Abdul Wahab. After a successful show her vocal abilities, Adi flown from Indonesia to Malaysia to start his career as the lead singer 6ixth Sense.

Over 5,000 units have been sold album after album was launched on June 2, 2006. Group that staked song ever made famous by J. Mizan on 70s era, 'Day And Night' as the first single has received encouraging response from local radio stations. In fact, the song had finished second in the Era Chart for several weeks. There are 11 songs in this album as including 'Maafkanku', 'Promise', 'If', 'Mama Papa', 'Enchantment' and 'Pawana'.

Their record company, Universal Music believes that the group is accepted by music lovers Indonesia by Adi presence as lead vocalist of the group and the concept of progressive pop-rock.

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