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The combination of the four groups, Shades, Kool, Nico and AtoZ under one brand, namely GX4 (Generation X-4).

Why Generation X? All members GX4 is those born between the 60s-70s and those born within the year is called Generation X. While No.4 bring meaning to the four groups involved.

Therefore, they also expressed a joint venture of the four groups that in name GX4 Alliance.

This combination is an initiative from Riot Kool. He has proposed to involve the four groups in a recording of the theme song titled 'Integrity' GX4 also see that the advantages of this will lead to a stage performance that is unique for providing the audience entertainment that includes four musical genres of R & B Pop (Shades), Dance Pop (Kool), KL Gangsta Rap (Nico) and Pop Ethnic Fusion (AtoZ) and still have the same membership as follows:

Shades: Izzee, Saiful, Nazrae & Jeri
KOOL: Jay, Riot, Hairi & Zack.
NICO: Nico, Affa & Dino
AtoZ: Lan, Jeff & Chap

Shades Group is a group of popular Malaysian singer by singing harmony and
Her acapella. In nobatkan as Malaysia's first acapella group. Shades has produced 3 books entitled Shades
with their popular song "Do not Say Goodbye," "Tonight" second album "That Sucks". And successful
earn the title of 'Best New Artist' at AIM 1996 awards to three titled album Shades of 2001.

NICO Group or Network International Chicanos Organisation (NICO)). Nico group has recorded three
Album: Made in Los Angeles (1993), Reality (1995), Oops! (1996). Later in 2003 the Nico back and
to record a new album titled Ops scene.

Group A to Z has held two awards in the music industry in Malaysia in RTM and Champion Award Songs.
Popular songs hummed, Duck-gembo gembo, class, Iyoko, Mai dock. 1995 - 2002: Sony Music Malaysia

We KOOL group or old ones used to produce three albums titled Free, One Direction and Fantasy
together with Sony Music Malaysai. Champion Award winning 1996 song for Pop Rock category.

GX4 ALLIANCE (2065676-K)

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