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Profile of Band Meet Uncle Hussain

Group Meet Uncle Hussain (also spelled MeetUncleHussain or meetunclehussain, abbreviated MUH) is a Malaysia muzikbebas group that was originally composed of four persons namely Lan (lead vocals / guitar second), sponsor (lead guitar / background vocals), Kudux (drums) and Afat (bass / background vocals). They even use the services of former drummer and Eclipse Skacinta Flop Poppy, Bakri during their performances. Concept didendangkan song by Meet Uncle Hussein progressive rock shaped.

They are the first major achievement was made Group Best DIY ROTTW magazine in 2005. In 2007, the group with the appearance of two more selling their songs, La La La is work and song as the theme song OUR Yourself themed independent musicians struggle in Malaysia. Latest achievement was announced as the winner song Champion Award Songs 23.

In early 2009, Lan left the group after a disagreement with members of other groups, thus establishing 'a member of the band' named Azlan & The Typewriter.


2001-06: Initial

In 2001, the group Meet Uncle Hussain formed from vocalist / guitarist Nor Azlan Rosle (Lan) and Nik Mustapha Nik Mustaza (Sponsor), bass guitarist Mohd Mohd Fathi Dervish (Afat), and drummer invitation Hirwan Mohamad Hatta (Kudux) , who first started playing music together in 2001. Obviously Sponsor, their promiscuous name "Meet Uncle Hussain" because "we want a unique name and represents our rhythm, pretty easy to remember names public, so we chose the name Hussain. If Meet Uncle Patrick or Ramli, certainly not to be."

During the six years since its inception, the MUH only known among fans of underground music, winning Best Band in ROTTW magazine in 2005, and never once issued single "Hallucinations" in Xfresh FM radio only.

2007-09: U.S. and mainstream

Meet Uncle Hussain started taking road to fame in the mainstream when contributed two songs in the soundtrack U.S.. The song "La La La is work" became the opening theme song of the eight episodes of U.S. TV series that aired on 8TV in 2007, the struggles teenagers face happiness and misery of life while upholding indie music. Meanwhile, "Songs By Yourself" featured as the theme song of the whole project and accepted by the U.S. mainstream radio stations to dominate the radio charts in 2008.

Unfortunately, as the drummer Kudux invitation had to take a break from playing with the group pandemonium MUH health problems, but after he joined the band recover aircraft, as well as drummer.

"Songs By Yourself" is so popular that not only dominate the radio mike, but also grabbed a priceless gift to mendendangkannya groups, especially the overall champion title song to Hits 1-23 and the sixth season in 2009, while the band won Group or Duo Artist award Popular Star Award Populardan Best New Artist at the AIM 2009 in the same year.

2009-present: Lan left MUH

Despite being bombarded with praise and awards at the end of the decade 2000's, but during the remaining of 2009, apparently cracking between band members MUH. This started to happen when it was reported that Lan found problematic self discipline and be forgotten by friends sekugirannya. According to the complaint Sponsor, Lan difficult listen and often refuse to accept advice when oftentimes the same problem without any changes. Then rise to rumors that Lan will be removed from MUH, not even around kugirannya will disband, until finally when performing in KL Music Festival at the Hard Rock Café, Kuala Lumpur on July 5, Lan announced his resignation from the band on the ground MUH "commitment other ". After that, Lan founded a new band named Azlan & the Typewriter which actually consists of a member of itself, accompanied by backup musicians.

Black (center) became the vocalist for laguDrama King at DSA 2010
Since mid-2009 to the present, Meet Uncle Hussain still looking for a new vocalist. Meanwhile, they use the services of other singers to temporarily take the place of Lan while recording new songs or playing at gigs or similar presentations, such as when recording featuring Black single "Drama King". The song was crowned as Champion Award runner-up to the 25th song in 2011.

Currently, Meet Uncle Hussain cooperate with Hazama, a former participant Akademi Fantasia 4, as they invited singer. They deny that Hazama is truly joined the band as a permanent singer. However, Hazama was called back to join the Akademi Fantasia 9 and eventually became a champion.

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